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Fussie Cat Peach Soybean Litter 7L

Fussie Cat Peach Soybean Litter 7L

Advantages of Soybean Cat Litter

3x more absorbent

Eliminates odors

99.9% dust free

No tracking

Scoop and Flush


Last up to twice as long

Environmental friendly

No pine or cedar oil

Non-toxic (safe if indigest)

Directions of Use

Pour a two inch layer of Fussie Cat Litter into a clean litter box, Fussie Cat Litter is naturally deodorizing and will control odors effectively when without scooping.

For best odor control and your cat's comfort, scoop and flush solid waste daily. Fussie Cat Litter are completely biodegradable and flushable in small quantities (1-2 oz per scoop with multiple flushing between).

Used Fussie Cat Litter can be dumped into your compost pile where they will naturally break down into mulch.

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