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Cosset Lingzhi & Cordyceps Formula for Senior Dogs 80 Capsule New
Product FeaturesPowder Formula (Capsule) for Easy AbsorptionFor dogs having difficulties in ..
Kakato Tuna Fillet 70g New
Tuna: Excellent choice for a high-quality protein and low-fat fish. Rich in Omega-3 (EPA & DHA),..
Canidae Pure Healthy Weight Real Chicken & Pea Recipe12lb New -10%
Made with just 9 real food ingredients to keep your buddy satisfied and properly nourished.Grain-fre..
HK$565.00 HK$509.00
Kakato Chicken Bites New -11%
Excellent source of lean proteinQuality protein and amino acid profile to help and maintain muscle t..
HK$65.00 HK$58.00
Kakato Beef Bites New -11%
Rich in vitamins to help with skin improvements, positive mood and neural regenerationRich in minera..
HK$65.00 HK$58.00
Kakato Saba Fillet New -11%
Rich in Omega 3 (DHA, EPA) for neural, brain, retinal and fetal developmentExcellent source of quali..
HK$65.00 HK$58.00
Kakato Smoked Tuna Fillet New -11%
Rich in Omega-3 (EPA, DHA), helps neural, brain, retinal and fetal developmentImprove skin and coat ..
HK$65.00 HK$58.00
Forcans Sensitive Skin Shampoo & Conditioner 550ml New -20%
Extra mild 2 in 1 formulaWith hydrolyzed collagen to promote healthy skin, and soft & shiny coat..
HK$116.00 HK$93.00
Forcans Oatmeal Shampoo 550ml New -20%
For dogs with sensitive skinMoisturize and reduce dandruff ..
HK$116.00 HK$93.00
Forcans Baby Powder Shampoo 550ml New -27%
Refreshing scent, contains coconut oil and aloe veraMild formula that will not irritate the eyesSuit..
HK$116.00 HK$85.00
Zignature Grain Free Turkey 4lb -10%
Our Turkey Formula is an all-American classic. A lean protein source that’s also low in fat and high..
HK$183.00 HK$165.00
Zignature Select Cuts Turkey 4lb -10%
Turkey and Turkey Meal are the first two ingredients in this delicious formula. Then, it’s bound wit..
HK$183.00 HK$165.00
ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Mackerel & Lamb4kg -10%
Blue Mackerel is a sustainably-caught fish from the pristine blue waters of New Zealand, rich in Ome..
HK$1,870.00 HK$1,683.00
Digital LCD display Pet clipperCeramic movable blade combined with stainless steel fixed bladeSharpe..
ZiwiPeak Air-Dried Venison2.5kg -10%
A novel, single-protein option, ideal for dogs with protein allergies or sensitivities. Ziwi Venison..
HK$1,600.00 HK$1,440.00
Wellness Core Original for Cat11lb -10%
CORE® Original recipe provides protein-rich, natural, grain-free nutrition. This nutrient-dense reci..
HK$616.00 HK$554.00
Wellness Core Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck for Cat11lb -10%
CORE® Turkey, Turkey Meal & Duck recipe provides protein-rich, natural, grain-free nutrition. Th..
HK$616.00 HK$554.00
Wellness Core Original for Cat 5lb -5% SOLD OUT
CORE® Original recipe provides protein-rich, natural, grain-free nutrition. This nutrient-dense reci..
HK$391.00 HK$371.00
Zignature Grain Free Zssential12.5lb (Small Bites) -10%
Our Zssential Formula provides a combination of protein sources across the board to maximize the nut..
HK$547.00 HK$492.00
Canidae Pure Senior Real Chicken, Sweet Potato & Garbanzo Bean Recipe24lb -10% In Stock
Made with just 9 real food ingredients to keep your senior dog feeling his best.Grain-free and made ..
HK$775.00 HK$698.00

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